Coat of Arms

May Court Coat of Arms

Our historic crest dates back to 1908, when it was designed and manufactured by Henry Birks & Son. However, at the Spring Meeting in St. Catharines in April 2006, some concerns were raised that the crest had never been officially registered and therefore could be copied. Also, there were several interpretations and colour variations of the crest in use. The Association agreed to submit a petition to the Canadian Heraldic Authority, stating the background and pertinent information about our existing symbols. Our original design was researched and found to be heraldically correct in many respects. The Authority then engaged artist Linda Nicholson to produce an acceptable new design based on our historic crest.

A coat of arms is issued only to those individuals and groups who have made a contribution to building of Canada. It is an honour! After having been approved by the Governor General, the completed coat of arms is placed in the Public Register of Flags and Badges of Canada in Ottawa. It is an official symbol and can not be copied or used by any other group. These grants strengthen Canada’s identity and celebrate the nature of our communities. It is my hope that all clubs will use our new coat of arms proudly.