Board of Directors

Board of Directors


President: Cathy Egerton

Vice-President: Vacant

Past President: Liz Rossnagel

Secretary: Jan DeRose

Treasurer: Bev Woode

Director at Large: Claire Capaldi, Sharon White


Corporate Funding: Sally Zandri

Long Term Facility Planning Committee: Maria Wiebenga

MarketPlace:  Vacant

Membership: Bonnie Hall

Nutrition: Caroline Hancock, Libby McMillan

Public Relations & Communications: Liz Rossnagel

The Shop: Rena Armstrong, Claire Capaldi

Spring Fling Fashion Show: Vacant

Special Project: Sylvia Travers

Social Activities: Ruth Best

Strategic IT Committee: Stephanie O’Connor  

Virtual Marketplace: Stephanie O’Connor

*Director-at-Large Positions created in lieu of Vice President vacancy.