Associate Sponsorship Program

Associate Sponsorship Program

Annually our Club has sponsored numerous local agencies and 3rd party providers of service to children and youth in our community.

Recipients of this funding program help The Club meet its mission of serving children and youth in the community. For example, some of our regular recipients provide nutritious food to school age children during March Break and summer vacation. Over the past ten years alone The May Court Club of London has funded $500,000 worth of local agency initiatives which have helped thousands of children and youth in London.

Current Year’s Associate Sponsor Program Recipients

Since March 2020 our club’s fundraising activities have been extremely curtailed due to the pandemic. This has reduced our ability to support associate providers of services to children and youth in our community.  However, during our 2020/21 fiscal year, the club has accepted two rounds of applications for our Associate Sponsorship Program Funds which resulted in the club providing sponsorship to the following organizations:

The organization below received funding through our Memorial Fund: