Donor Acknowledgement Consent Form

Donor Acknowledgement Consent Form

Your written consent is being requested by The May Court Club of London to publicize your name as one of our donors. Should you approve of having your name appear in our publications (e.g. Annual Report, website, Instagram, twitter, Facebook) please provide written consent by completing this form. Thank you!

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    The May Court Club of London – Key Points:
    • The May Court Club of London has been active since 1929 and a Charity since 1958.
    • Fundraising done by the Club is invested directly back into the London Community.
    • The Club’s mandate is to nurture and advocate for children and youth in our community who are in need of social, educational, physical, or emotional support.
    • The Club’s focus is on nutrition and mental health for children and youth.
    • Funds are used to support our key service programs including our Nutrition Program (providing food to children in schools and during vacations), Vanier Children’s Services (helping with specific mental health projects), our Associate Sponsorship Program (supporting other London based agencies who assist us in serving children and youth.